7 Muscle Myths

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7 Muscle Myths

1. Lifting using the super-slow method builds bigger muscles.

In a recent university study, faster lifters burned 71 percent more calories and lifted 250 percent more weight.

2. Eating more protein builds more muscle.

Consuming more protein than 0.9 to 1.25 grams of protein per pound of body weight is a waste.

3. Leg extensions are safer for your knees than squats.

”Open-chain" exercises--those in which a single joint is activated, such as the leg extension--are potentially more dangerous than closed-chain moves.

4. Never exercise a sore muscle.

Only if the soreness limits your range of motion or the muscle is sore to the touch. Otherwise, an "active rest" of light aerobic activity, stretching and light lifting can help.

5. Stretching prevents injuries.

CDCP researchers examined the relationship between stretching and injuries and concluded that stretching has little effect on injury prevention.

6. Use a Swiss ball to build stronger chest and shoulders.

A Swiss ball is great for variety, but center your chest and shoulder routines on exercises that are performed on a stable surface.

7. Always work out with free weights.

Sometimes machines can build muscle better.  thank you for reading this!